Mail delivery suspended after residents report mailbox unit vandalism in Boone County

Mailboxes destroyed by vandals in Boone County

BOONE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - Residents in Boone County are reporting that someone vandalized and broke into dozens of mailboxes, forcing them to find another way to get their mail.

Joseph Smith lives in the Hickory Hills Mobile Home Park in Florence. He says he was stunned to find his community mailbox destroyed.

It was not long, Smith says, before he realized that the vandals had hit a number of different mailbox units in several different neighborhoods, including Greenlawn Mobile Home Park, White Pine Village, Wysteria Village Apartments and Mosby’s Pointe.

"All of the backs of the boxes were broken into from what people are thinking was a crowbar," Smith said.

It is not clear if the person, or people, responsible wanted to cause damage or were looking to steal. Smith has his own suspicions.

“I think it might be someone out looking to steal credit cards,” Smith said. “Or, possibly someone looking for medication that’s possibly in the mailboxes that elderly people get mailed to them.”

Smith said they do not know when the units will be repaired. Until they are fixed, everyone affected must go to the post office to get their mail.

Smith says what happened has been reported to the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

He is encouraging witnesses to step up to help them solve the case.

“Hopefully they’ll cooperate and come forward if they’ve seen or heard anything because the mailboxes sit so close to people’s home that they had to hear something, and I would just say please come forward, and let’s solve this problem and get the people that did this and responsible for this,” Smith said. “Get them, and let justice take it from there ya know.”

A spokesperson with the Boone County Sheriff’s Office said they do have some reports, but they have not released any other information.

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