Cincinnati Police forms task force to crack down on crime during the holidays

Holiday Violence Task Force launched to address spike in robberies

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A new Cincinnati Police task force is cracking down on violent crime during the holidays, and they’ve already made their first bust.

The Holiday Violence Task Force is made up of 30 Cincinnati Police officers. Their mission is to hit the streets, CPD says, and address the surge in robberies and violent crime that takes place around the holidays.

“We can show you that there’s a spike,” Assistant Chief of Police Paul Neudigate said. “The data will show you that there is a spike in robberies during this time of year. You know, why that is, it’s hard to speculate, but what we want to do is make sure that we put the message out there that it won’t be tolerated. If they decide that they’re going to go out and take advantage of somebody else during the holiday season, we’re going to address that.”

The task force will run for the next six weeks—and they’re off to a good start so far.

Details of their first bust haven’t yet been released, but CPD shared pictures with FOX19 NOW showing the haul, including guns and drugs seized in the West End that are no longer on the streets.

Neudigate says this bust should be the first of many.

Another benefit of the task force, he says, is sign-ups for the task force are voluntary, which gives younger officers the opportunity to do some pro-active policing for the first time in their careers rather than simply responding to calls for service.

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