Classmates raising money to buy wheelchair for paralyzed Wilmington College lacrosse player

Updated: Nov. 20, 2019 at 5:27 PM EST
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WILMINGTON, Ohio (FOX19) - Kane Lewis always used to be on the go—on the lacrosse field, in intramural sports and across the quads of Wilmington College, where he’s a sophomore.

That’s what his classmates say about him, along with this, from friend Spencer Wilcox: “(He’s a) great Christian man, a great friend. He’d do anything for you.”

Now they’re trying to do the same for him, by raising enough money to get this once-gamboling lacrosse star, formerly the captain of 15 intramural sports, a wheelchair.

The accident happened last weekend. Lewis was hunting, he says, when he suffered a seizure and fell from a tree stand.

The 19-year-old would break several ribs and sever his spinal chord. Now he’s paralyzed from the waist down.

Lewis’s mother says he’s only had two other seizures his entire life. He takes medication, she says, but doctors don’t know the seizures’ cause.

Earlier this week, students held a prayer service the moment Lewis went into surgery. School officials say several hundred people showed up.

“He’s so positive,” student Carly Fitz told FOX19 NOW. “He always sees the better side of things, and I just know he’s gonna make it through this.”

Lewis’s friends maintain the accident won’t stop him from doing the things he loves. To ensure that, they’re raising money to buy him a new all-terrain wheelchair

The wheelchair they have in mind costs $15,000.

Wednesday evening, the college’s Student Government Association shared with FOX19 NOW they’ve raised almost $30,000 total from on-campus donations.

“There’s a video of him doing the ‘Git Up’ with his mom,” student Kelton Gray said, referring to a popular dance spawned by musician Blanco Brown. “I just want him to find that happiness again. Even if he’s doing the ‘Git Up’ from a wheelchair, he’s gonna have a good time. He’s that kind of spirit.”

Lewis remains in the hospital, though his mother says he’s making good progress and that his nurses are in ‘disbelief’ of his spirit and motivation.

She say’s he’s not giving up.

Neither are his classmates.

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