Kids hurling rocks at cars in Hamilton, causing serious damage, drivers say

Kids throwing rocks at cars in Hamilton, drivers say

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A group of kids seriously damaged some cars in Hamilton on Monday while the drivers were inside, police say.

Near the corner of Pershing Avenue and Neilan Boulevard, several drivers claim a group of kids pelted their cars with rocks.

One woman says she was driving home from work when the rocks hit her car. Another says her two-month-old daughter was in the car with her when it was struck.

A third victim says the kids began calling her curse words and bad names while throwing the rocks. She explains she got out of the car and confronted them, but they continued to hurl rocks at her.

“I said you need to stop, knock it off,” the driver told FOX19 NOW. “And then they started cussing and swearing at me and throwing more rocks. And I got in my car and they took off.”

The woman followed the kids to a building on Chestnut Street, she says, which they entered.

That is when she went to the police department, where she discovered the other victims already sitting there, waiting to file reports of their own.

One of the women says police have identified the kids involved, though that has not been confirmed.

Identified or not, another woman has a big bill in front of her.

A former police officer whose car was hit by the rocks says the damage will cost her around $500 to fix.

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