'I was lied to’ says mother of girl abused in Brown County

The 11-year-old had been abused for years, officials say
Updated: Nov. 22, 2019 at 7:24 AM EST
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BROWN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - The mother of the Brown County girl officials say was abused for years says she trusted a family member to take care of the 11-year-old.

When authorities found her about a week ago, they say she was starved, had been videotaped and was forced to sleep on a urine-stained mattress.

Six years ago, Margaret Breeze gained custody of the 11-year-old, according to court records.

The documents also show Breeze told them she was certified to be a foster parent.

She claimed she had raised three children of her own and a 1-year-old granddaughter.

Court records show the now 11-year-old has “severe behavioral problems.”

The child’s mother told us it’s a condition known as RAD or Reactive Attachment Disorder, which is when a child does not form a secure, healthy emotional bond with his or her primary caretaker.

The mother says that is the main reason why her daughter was put into Breeze's care in the first place.

“I was lied to," the mother says. "I thought she was honestly going to get her the help that she needed.”

The mother tells us she thought her daughter was going to get the help she needed because Breeze is family, a third cousin.

She says she thought she could trust her.

In 2015, she realized that wasn't the case when she says she first found out about the alleged abuse.

“They was holding her face underwater," the mother said. "They was slamming their hands into her chest, putting her on the floor.”

In that same year, she says she tried to regain custody of her daughter.

In order to do that, she tells us she was told she had to revoke guardianship through the courts.

She says she and her husband paid an attorney $300 to help with that.

They claim their name never made it on the docket.

“I will tell you right now if I knew it was going to be like this, she would’ve never been near my daughter," the mother said.

She says ultimately she feels like the system has failed her child.

Now she says she’s doing everything she can to try and get her back, wondering what else she might’ve endured all these years.

“I am paying child support on her,” the mother says. "I’ve been paying child support on her. What was they spending that money on? It wasn’t going towards my daughter. What were they spending it on?

She also tells us she has another daughter who was in Breeze’s care but right now she says she wants to know why her 11-year-old was singled out.

The mother shared a video with us she says was taken from inside the home.

She says you can hear Margaret Breeze yelling at her daughter.

In the video you hear, “If I hear your mouth again tonight, I am going to bop it. I am about ready to break your jaw so they can wire your god d*** mouth shut so I don’t have to hear you.”

“I’m, pardon my language, but I am pissed," the mother said. "I honestly feel that she was trying to kill my daughter.”

Breeze is in the Brown County Jail right now facing charges of kidnapping, felonious assault, and child endangerment.

Her husband Charles Breeze was also arrested.

The mother tells me she would like to see both of them behind bars for the rest of their life.

Her husband agreed.

They also say they’re so thankful for the educator who initially reported this.

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