12-year-old harassed, beaten and concussed by bully at school, mother says

Mother says daughter was bullied by classmate

FRANKLIN, Ohio (FOX19) - Kristi Kraft says her 12-year-old daughter had been bullied and threatened since the beginning of the school year.

Friday afternoon, the school, Pennyroyal Elementary, called telling her to come right away.

Kraft says she arrived at the school to find her daughter beaten up and with a concussion.

The story of what happened is a difficult one for her to hear, as it would be for any mother.

Her daughter said a friend came up to her and said the girl who had been threatening her all year, ever since Kraft’s daughter refused her a piece of gum, wanted to apologize.

Kraft’s daughter tried to run away, she told her mother, but there were four or five other kids surrounding her, preventing her escape.

Kraft says the incident was caught on video.

“It was horrifying,” Kraft said. “My daughter was getting beat in the head by another kid and she couldn’t defend herself because her hands were in her hoodie pocket. It was terrifying to watch.”

Pennyroyal Elementary School
Pennyroyal Elementary School (Source: WXIX)

The attack, Kraft adds, has been reported to Franklin Police. She says the girl was later arrested for assault.

Franklin Police confirmed they responded to the school Friday, but would not elaborate or confirm an arrest.

FOX19 NOW reached out to school officials and we’re waiting to hear back.

As for the school’s policy, according to a handbook on the school’s website, “Harassing, hazing, intimidating and/or bullying behavior by any student/school personnel in the District is strictly prohibited, and such conduct may result in disciplinary action, including suspension and/or expulsion from school.”

Now Kraft says she wants what happened to her daughter to serve as a reminder for other parents.

"I think other parents should openly talk to their children about bullying and let them know that there is really no situation that should result in a bullying situation that happened here today,” she said. “Talk to your kids. Make sure you know what they are doing. Check their social media, their messages, and know what your kids are doing.”

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