Myles Garrett on the minds of Browns fans

Myles Garrett on the minds of Browns fans
Myles Garrett on the minds of Browns fans (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The picture-perfect football Sunday started with tailgaters in the Muni Lot taking aim at a Mason Rudolph piñata with a Steelers helmet.

And the exuberance, excitement, and enthusiasm continued to FirstEnergy Stadium, where the Browns beat the Dolphins 41-24, offense and optimism the O & O of the day.

"I saw Baker being efficient and Freddie not making terrible play calls and we're on that playoff run right now," said Browns fan Dan Piscombe. "It was great seeing them put up fortysomething points," said his friend, Jeff Jasinski. "A big step for them and the offense."

But it was suspended defensive star Myles Garrett on the minds and his number 95 jersey on the backs of many Browns fans.

"The best part of the game was the 'Free Myles Garrett' chants," said Piscombe. Myles Garrett even top of mind for Browns owner Dee Haslem, who wore a hat with the number 95.

The victory celebration was completed at the Marble Room where Jarvis Landry threw himself a birthday party (29 on Thursday) with a few of his friends, including Odell Beckham Junior, Baker Mayfield, Cavs star Larry Nance Junior, and several hundred others, complete with his number 80 projected onto the Terminal Tower.

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