Head of Goshen school arrested on felony assault charge

Goshen school leader accused of assault

GOSHEN, Ohio (FOX19) - The principal of a Goshen school is under arrest on charges of felonious assault.

Carl Nicholas Inabnitt, 48, bonded out of the Warren County Jail Tuesday morning. Court documents say a judge ordered him to wear an ankle monitor.

Inabnitt is the ‘head’ of Ascend Academy, according to a statement about the incident from Goshen Local School District Superintendent Darrell Edwards.

Per the statement, Inabnitt has been put on administrative leave.

“This is obviously an active law-enforcement investigation,” Edwards wrote, “and we must take care to honor that process as well as the privacy of those involved.”

The alleged assault occurred at a home under construction in Harlan Township, according to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

Brandon Doughman is the general contractor at the home, and his father, Seth, assists him, according to the incident report.

Brandon told deputies he’d texted Inabnitt that morning, asking him to keep dogs from tracking mud in the house and unplugging the sump pump, causing the basement to flood.

Inabnitt reportedly agreed to meet Brandon and Seth to assess the damages.

On or above the basement steps, the report says, Brandon and Inabnitt began arguing. At some point Seth stepped between them to 'diffuse the situation.’ Then Inabnitt grabbed Seth and they rolled downstairs, where Seth reportedly hit his head and lost consciousness.

“My husband reacted like any parent would do when someone is threatening your child,” Kim Doughman told FOX19 NOW.

Inabnitt called Warren County’s 911 center himself.

“This guy and I got into an argument,” he told the dispatcher. “He grabbed me, and we were on steps, and I just grabbed him and took him down, and his head hit the thing. He’s dying, please get here.”

“Carl kept saying he was sorry,” the dispatcher told deputies.

Inabnitt agreed to wait outside for deputies and was taken into custody at gunpoint without incident, they wrote.

When deputies found him, Seth reportedly could not recall his personal information, didn’t realize they were deputies, seemed confused and had blood coming from his ear.

He was taken to Bethesda North Hospital and then, due to his injuries, was transferred to University of Cincinnati Medical Center for a hemorrhage to his head, the report states.

The report notes a black flat bar in the basement had blood on it and was located near where Seth fell, ‘but both Carl and Brandon denied it being used in the altercation.’

Deputies wrote, however, the lacerations on Seth’s head could have been caused by the flat bar, and when they returned to retrieve it, they reported it missing.

Kim believes the assault lines up with what she’s seen of Inabnitt’s character, calling him ‘aggressive,’ ‘rude,’ ‘controlling’ and ‘volatile.’

“This man is very dangerous,” she told FOX19 NOW. “I think he’s dangerous to this community.

Inabnitt’s neighbor, Sandy Faulkner, disagrees.

“He’s a wonderful neighbor,” Faulkner said. “Him and Julie both are. When my husband was sick he offered to do anything we needed done. He hired my grandson to stack wood for him. We’re all just in shock with what has happened.”