Non-profits feel effects of federal grant cuts to victim assistance groups

Funding cut to nonprofits working to keep 'cold cases' warm

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Ohio is losing $30 million in funding that would normally go to victim assistance groups in the state, and Cincinnati area non-profits are feeling the effects.

Hope Dudley says her non-profit, “U Can Speak For Me," is being impacted.

Dudley creates playing cards and posters that feature the face of local victims, including people who are missing and people who have been killed.

“You can go in the community, and you can say ‘my son was murdered,’ but if you don’t have a picture of him, no one will remember who that face was," Dudley said.

For Dudley, it is a passion project because her son’s murder, Daniel Chaz Dudley’s murder, remains unsolved.

However, Dudley says she just got word that she will not be getting as much money for her cause this year.

The federal “Victims of Crime Act” funding has been cut, which means a state grant that Dudley’s organization gets each year will be cut too.

“It’s just a part, seven percent of what we get, and it’s like about $5000," Dudley said. "We’re truly grateful that we have been getting a grant, and that’s helped, so whatever way that we can minimize it to make it work.”

Dudley says she will have to make adjustments to cut costs.

“We’ll still be able to do individual reward cards, but not as many flyers as we used to do," Dudley said.

The cuts, Dudley says, are also forcing her to find another way to raise money.

“Kinda disappointing, but people have been calling and donating,” Dudley said.

Dudley says she and other organizations will be relying on the generosity of the community to keep them moving ahead at full speed.

“Donate to these organizations because it is a tax write off, and if it’s important to you, come forward and support them," Dudley said.

Dudley says she was warned that more cuts could be coming next year, which means the state grant money could be reduced again.

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