Power outage interrupts Thanksgiving for hundreds in West End

The power went out around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday

West End outage leaves hundreds without power on Thanksgiving day

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Hundreds of people were without power for nearly 24 hours in the West End.

An outage map from Duke Energy showed just fewer than 800 people were without power.

People who live in the Park Town Homes complex told FOX19 NOW they were frustrated by the situation.

Toshia Drummond was one of the hundreds impacted. She says she was right in the middle of cooking, and without power, she couldn’t finish.

“At about 6:30 pm everything went zoomp," Drummond explained. “My candy yams, my pies, my turkey."

Denise Ford was in the same position. She also started cooking last night so she could have most of her dishes finished by noon today. At least, that was the plan.

Ford’s stove is gas powered, she says, but she didn’t want to risk trying to use it without electricity,

“I can turn the gas on," Ford said, “but I would have to light it with some type of lighter, and that’s dangerous, because it’s supposed to be lit by an electric igniter.”

Duke Energy workers told FOX19 NOW the cause of the outage was a mile-long underground cable they had to fix. Power was restored around 4:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving day.

Still, the outage tossed a monkey wrench into Drummond’s plans.

“We was going to eat around 2 o’clock, so that we could get out and do some Black Friday shopping,” Drummond said.

And even when the power came back on, it took a long time until the turkey was done.

“Then I got to cook that for three more hours and still have more food to prepare,” Drummond explained. She’s trying to remain positive though. “I’m thankful for my family.”

Drummond and her family said they pushed through and had Thanksgiving dinner after all—albeit a late one.

Conversely, Ford says her family will have to reschedule their Thanksgiving because of work conflicts.

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