Warren County woman says contractor scammed her after she hired him to build barn

Woman in Warren County scammed

CINCINNATI (FOX19) -One woman in Warren County says she feels like she’s been scammed after a man who promised to help her put together a barn, but did not.

Tammy Stewart, says she hired and paid $1,000 for Joseph Watts to build her pole barn.

Stewart says Watts, who says he works for a construction company, started the job in Oct. and was supposed to finish it within two weeks.

"He came out and told me what I had to get, he sent a guy out here to start laying stuff out and then he ghosted after that," said Stewart.

Around the same time, she got a text message from Watts’ number stating he had an emergency and was unavailable.

Stewart says that was a red flag, so she drove to the business address he provided and that was when she was greeted by a man.

"He started walking towards me and said, ‘can I help you?’ I said I am looking for Joe Watts and he stopped dead in his tracks and said, ‘You didn't give him money, did you?’ I said, ‘I did,’ said Stewart. “Then he started shaking his head and said, ‘You aren't the first one to stop here.'

Then Stewart started seeking records from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office on Watts.

She found out that a woman named Lisa Trovillo also hired Watts and received the same response from him.

Trovillo says she hired Watts to fix the leak in her roof and her mother’s home, but he never finished.

"There was always an excuse. The first guy he brought to my house did not do what he was asked to do," said Trovillo.

Trovillo says her roof is almost worse than it was before.

"I did have a small leak in the front of my house. That was the original reason why I wanted him up there in the first place and the first time it rained, I had two and a half inches of water in my living room, said Trovillo. "I've never had that happen, ever. Now, I have a giant hole in my ceiling. They laid the roofing from top to bottom, not bottom to top. I could go on for days."

Both women are still looking for someone to fix and finish the work left behind.

Trovillo’s mother did get back most of the money she paid.

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office says Watts is wanted on an open theft warrant.

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