Fairmount home robbed of $700 in Christmas gifts, family says

Real-life Grinch strikes Fairmount family

FAIRMOUNT (FOX19) - A Fairmount family says a thief broke into their home and stole hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas gifts.

Early Wednesday morning security camera video from the Hubbard family’s home showed a person looking through a window just before entering the house. The family said they were devastated by what happened next.

Dakota Hubbard told FOX19 NOW his three children have been looking forward to Christmas for a long time,

“Ever since they hit about October, they know right around the corner is Christmas," Hubbard said. “'When’s Santa Claus coming? When’s Santa Claus coming?’”

The family said an unexpected windfall of money allowed them to splurge on roughly $700 worth of presents for their kids. They said they were out of town for Thanksgiving when they say a thief broke into their home.

When their landlord showed them the security video the next day, the family said they weren’t prepared for what it was going to show.

Someone can be seen going to and from the house, taking bags the family said was full of gifts.

Jennifer Carney said she doesn’t know how to break it to the kids.

“They just think that Santa Claus brought some stuff early and it got took,” Carney said. “Just seeing them smile, opening up their gifts is the most valuable to me, because seeing my kids happy makes me happy."

That might be completely taken from the family now, Carney said. If that doesn’t happen, she said they want the accused thief to do the right thing and give the gifts back.

“I wouldn’t even want to press charges or anything if I could just get my kids their Christmas back,” Carney said.

Cincinnati police have now opened a case to find the person in the security camera video. The family asks if you recognize the person that you call police, so that they might be able to get their Christmas back.

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