Firefighters have easy-to-follow tips for preventing house fires this holiday season

Preventing house fires with Colerain Township firefighters

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - This is a busy time of year for firefighters because of the cold weather and Christmas decorations, but they say there are few things you can do now to help prevent them from coming to your house for a fire down the road.

“A fire in your living room at anytime of the year is a bad situation, but this time of year is definitely more devastating,” Colerain Township Battalion Chief Tim Beach told FOX19 NOW.

Colerain Township Battalion Chief Tim Beach explains a lot of house fires this time of year come down to common sense practices being forgotten.

The culprit? Beach says dry Christmas trees and decorative lights are often to blame.

“Everybody has those problems where one bulb is out or one fuse is out, and you try to patch them together or you use too many extension cords,” Beach said. “Lighting is just as big of a problem as a tree being dried off.”

It’s recommended only to keep a live tree in your home for about four weeks.

Beach also cautions you must pay attention to the needles and make sure it’s actually drinking the water in the base.

“Once they start shedding their needles that means they’re drying out, and that’s a good sign to get them out of your house,” he said.

Also, if you’re coming to a place like Joe Cappel’s, where the trees are already cut, make sure they give it a fresh cut, just off the bottom so tree will drink more water.

If we all do our part, the only fire we'll see this season will be used to roast chestnuts on the fire.

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