’I’m gonna kick its butt’: Hamilton community supporting eight-year-old fighting cancer

Third grader fighting cancer in Hamilton

HAMILTON, Ohio (FOX19) - The Hamilton community is helping fight cancer by showing support for an eight-year-old who is battling a devastating diagnosis.

Although Naomi Short is fighting stage four brain cancer, she is full of spirit and joy.

The third-grader started getting symptoms in September of this year. Her mother, Melissa Short, said Naomi was getting bad migraines that made her sick.

When she finally got the cancer diagnosis, she also learned that the brain tumor had spread down her spine. Melissa said Naomi has already had four brain surgeries in a month’s time.

“I was scared because I thought it was my time to go," Naomi said.

Right now, Naomi is undergoing radiation and has been spending hours at the hospital.

So far, Melissa says her tumor has been shrinking.

Naomi Short
Naomi Short (Source: Provided)

“I never really knew how strong she really was until this, and I honestly believe she’s got more strength than I do," Melissa said.

Naomi’s parents and four siblings have been supporting her—and so has the community.

Local business owners, students and staff at her school, Crawford Woods Elementary, and strangers are bringing out the blue this week to represent Naomi’s school colors and support her.

“It makes me really happy inside, and I just want to be kind to everybody," Naomi said.

Some places are having fundraisers too. One shop, Petals and Wicks, is selling candles. The scent, chocolate cake, was handcrafted by Naomi.

“It’s amazing, and it shows that people really do care," Melissa said.

After completing radiation, Naomi will face chemotherapy. She says that in her heart, she believes she is going to beat cancer.

“I’m going to kick its butt,” Naomi said.

Naomi’s family members plan to start a foundation in her name to pay it forward for all of the help and support they have received.

Melissa says she has been cutting and styling her hair to look like Naomi’s and will shave her head when Naomi loses her hair.

A local business is planning to donate a wig to Naomi.

There is currently a GoFundMe page in place for Naomi’s family. You can also follow Naomi’s journey on the Naomi Strong Facebook page.

You can learn more about the “Go Blue For Naomi” event and planned fundraisers on the Facebook event.

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