VIDEO: Package thieves target gifts for children at Forest Park business

Package thieves steal from local company

FOREST PARK, Ohio (FOX19) - Package thieves are out in full force this time of year—and they’re not just targeting residential neighborhoods.

LEI Home Enhancements is set back from the road along a row of flat office buildings in Forest Park. There, LEI makes windows, siding and roofing products.

This time of year is special for LEI employees. Every year they put on a big Christmas party.

“We invite their children, and we invite Santa to come to the Christmas party and give out all of the gifts,” LEI CFO Bradley Roeske told FOX19 NOW.

Roeske says LEI hires people who need a second chance in life, so his employees appreciate the Christmas gifts for their kids.

But those Christmas gifts were stolen this year, and package thieves are to blame.

The theft happened on Black Friday. Surveillance video shows a man get out of a truck, check his surroundings, then take the package and leave.

Roeske says he doubts this is the first time the thieves have done this.

“My whole thing was, how many did they hi before? How many did they hit after?” Roeske asked. “And I wanted to make sure I notify the proper people and make sure it doesn’t happen to somebody else, ‘cause I would hate for these people to ruin somebody else’s Christmas.”

The good news, Roeske explains, is LEI will be able to replace the stolen gifts.

And Roeske was able to give police a lead, too, thanks to someone who contacted him on Facebook saying they saw the truck and got the plate number.

As for the gifts themselves, he’s in the dark about what the thieves will do with them.

“It was in a target box,” Roeske said. “It did have a Target logo on it. So whether or not they are going to take it back to the store and get a gift card? I’m not really sure.”

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