Ex-girlfriend of man allegedly tortured, locked in dog cage says she is innocent

Lindsey Parker claimed innocence prior to being indicted

Ex-girlfriend of man allegedly tortured, locked in dog cage says she is innocent
Lyndsey Ayn Paker (right) is indicted on kidnapping charges and two counts of felonious assault. (Source: Warren County Prosecutor's Office)

CLEARCREEK TOWNSHIP, Ohio (FOX19) - A total of three people are now facing charges in a case where a man was allegedly tortured and forced into a dog cage, but one of those people claims she is innocent.

In October, Patrick Coleman told police that he had been tortured and held hostage. He said that his ex-girlfriend, Lindsey Parker, called him and said she was being assaulted and abused at a home in Clearcreek Township and needed help.

Coleman says he went there to help Lindsey and was then kept inside the home against his will. He claimed he was cut, burned and bruised until he eventually escaped. He said he then ran to a nearby fire department, stole an ambulance and drove himself to the hospital.

Christopher Edwards, known as “Mongo," was originally charged in the case. Lindsey Parker and her father Bryan Parker are now accused of being involved as well.

However, Lindsey says she did not do it.

In Facebook messages with a FOX19 NOW reporter that were sent in October and November 2019, Lindsey stated that most of what Coleman told police is a lie.

She claimed Coleman actually showed up at the house to try to rekindle a relationship, and when she told him no, he waited around for his ride to return. That’s when, according to Lindsey, her father, Bryan, held Coleman captive, caused harm to him and made her watch.

Lindsey, via Facebook messenger, said: “Nobody forced my ex-boyfriend inside the home. My dad strapped him in a chair.”

When asked what specific things Bryan Parker allegedly did to Coleman, Lindsey said “no comment.”

In early November, prior to Bryan’s indictment, Lindsey said via messenger that she hoped her father would be charged for the crime.

Lindsey wrote in Facebook messages that when she had the chance, she helped Coleman by letting him go running. She also wrote: “Christopher Edwards and myself are witnesses, so Chris should not be behind bars.”

Lindsey declined an in-person, on-camera interview, but asked about Coleman’s recovery in the message thread, stating: “I’m worried about him.”

Court records show investigators found a choker chain, hook tool, pliers, electrical cords and a lawn chair inside the home.

They also show that Coleman identified Edwards, both of the Parkers, Brandon Morris and Elizabeth Wynn as his torturers.

Edwards pleaded not guilty to his charges. The Parkers were indicted Friday.

Morris and Wynn have not been charged, and prosecutors have not said whether they will be charged.

FOX19 NOW did reach out to Coleman’s family for comment as well.

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