‘Severely neglected’ dog found in park euthanized, Butler County Sheriff says

Dog euthanized after severe neglect in Butler County

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - The Butler County Sheriff’s Office says officials found a ‘severely neglected’ dog in a park Monday and had to euthanize the dog due to her poor condition.

Sheriff Richard Jones says the female dog was a pit bull/boxer mix and she was found by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Dog Wardens in Millikin Woods Park near North Washington Boulevard Monday.

“She was obviously very thin, severely dehydrated, large tumor on leg, large abscess on her tail,” Butler County Sheriff’s Deputy Dog Warden Jamie Hearlihy explained.

A veteranarian at a local shelter reportedly did what she could for the dog, whom Hearlihy believes was a 13-year-old named ‘Jasmine.’ But the warden says the humane decision was to put the dog down due to her severe condition and suffering.

“She just wanted us to love on her,” Hearlihy said. “She just wanted love.”

The call reportedly came in around 3 p.m. from someone who spotted the dog in the park. Hearlihy responded to the scene.

“I’m pretty sure whoever is the owner did this because of the injuries she has. If you would’ve found a dog like this, anyone would’ve called somebody and said ‘I just found a dog and it is in horrible condition.’ They wouldn’t have put it on the bed and left it in that shelter,” Hearlihy said.

The dog warden found the dog on this dog bed in Milikin Woods.
The dog warden found the dog on this dog bed in Milikin Woods. (Source: FOX19 NOW)

Officials found a microchip while examining the dog and the dog wardens are waiting to hear from the veterinarian for any information on the dog’s owner.

“This is one of the most severe canine cases of neglect that we have seen in this county and the Butler County Sheriff’s Office will continue the fight against such neglect and seek justice for this beautiful animal,” Sheriff Jones says.

According to Hearlihy, the owner could face charges.

“She was literally on the bed, under a shelter... kind of just waiting. Waiting for someone or the owner to come back. I just want to find her owner so I can charge them with everything I can,” she said.

Anyone that recognizes the dog is asked to call Hearlihy at 513-887-7297.

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