Dog cage torture case: Sister says victim let ex-girlfriend torture him ‘willingly’

Three charged in bizarre case of man tortured in dog cage

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - The case of a man kidnapped, kept in a dog cage and tortured in a Clearcreek Township house continues to get stranger by the day.

On Monday, FOX19 NOW published a series of Facebook messages exchanged between our reporter and Lindsey Parker, the ex-girlfriend of Patrick Coleman, the victim.

Lindsey Parker is one of three indicted in the case, along with her father, Bryan Parker, and Christopher Edwards, known as “Mongo.”

Coleman alleges he went to the house to help Lindsey after she called to say she was being assaulted and abused there. He says he was then forced inside the home, kept in a dog cage and cut, burned and bruised until he eventually escaped.

He then stole an ambulance and drove it to Dayton Children’s Hospital.

In the Facebook messages, Lindsey proclaimed her innocence, saying most of what Coleman told police is a lie.

Lindsey says Coleman actually showed up at the house to try to rekindle a relationship, and when she told him no, he waited around for his ride to return. That’s when, according to Lindsey, her father, Bryan, held Coleman captive, caused harm to him and made her watch.

“Nobody forced my ex-boyfriend inside the home,” Lindsey wrote. “My dad strapped him in a chair.”

Now, two days after those messages were published, Lindsey’s sister, Patience Miller, says it’s Lindsey who is guilty.

Miller claims Coleman was not ‘lured’ into the house at all.

“He went willingly into the home,” Miller told FOX19 NOW. “(He) let Lindsey beat him.”

She also claims her father, Bryan Parker, is innocent.

“I’ve never seen him hurt or beat anyone,” she said.

Lindsey, her father, and Christopher Edwards were in court together for the first time Wednesday. They face kidnapping and felonious assault charges.

Bond for all three was set at $500,000.

If they bond out, they’ve been ordered to have no contact with the victim and will be on house arrest.

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