Bag of drugs found after middle-school holiday concert in Brown County, police say

Meth found after middle-school holiday concert

BROWN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Students, teachers and faculty at RULH Middle School were in for a surprise Monday when a bag of drugs was discovered at the school’s annual holiday concert.

Now the Aberdeen Police Department is working with the Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington School District to identify the suspect.

“There was a lot of people who were in that area, so we couldn’t pinpoint exactly who we thought it was, but we are going to test it, try to get some DNA, possibly fingerprints on the baggie and be able to locate a suspect,” Police Chief David Benjamin said.

Benjamin and Superintendent Jamie Wilkins confirm the bleachers where the drugs were found were cleaned prior to the concert.

A field test of the drugs reportedly tested positive for meth. Police have sent the bag off to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations for further analysis.

A bag of meth found in the bleachers at RULH High School
A bag of meth found in the bleachers at RULH High School (Source: Aberdeen Police)

“I have no reason at all to believe that it was a child that would have dropped it,” Benjamin said. “I honestly believe that, because of where it was located in the bleachers, it was a parent that was there watching the concert.”

An investigation is underway into the adults in attendance. Meanwhile, concerns remain with the children who could have come into contact with the bag.

“In this case, it could have been a child who maybe didn’t know what the substance was, or it could have been ingested by someone completely innocently," Benjamin said. “We definitely want to amp it up and try to protect our children at any cost.”

Wilkins sent the following statement to parents following the incident:

“After last night’s middle and high school music concert at RULH Middle School, school personnel found a bag of a controlled substance in the bleachers. The school principal immediately contacted the Aberdeen Police Department. The Police Department is reviewing the school’s surveillance camera footage in an effort to determine which adult brought the controlled substance onto school property. As always, student safety is our top priority at RULH Schools."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Aberdeen Police Department.

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