Local Skyline Chili fan is nearing his goal of eating 1,000 coneys in one year

Patrick Kaple began 2019 with a goal of trying to eat 1000 coneys by Dec. 31, 2019. He plans to...
Patrick Kaple began 2019 with a goal of trying to eat 1000 coneys by Dec. 31, 2019. He plans to eat his 1000th coney on Dec. 15.(Patrick Kaple)
Updated: Dec. 13, 2019 at 7:24 PM EST
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CINCINNATI (The Enquirer) - Last December, 25-year-old Patrick Kaple saw an article with the headline, "An Ohio Man Ate 400 Skyline Chili Coney Dogs This Year and is Somehow Still Alive."

According to FOX19 NOW’s media partners at the Cincinnati Enquirer, this headline inspired Kaple to eat at least twice as many coneys in a year. He settled on trying to eat 1,000 coneys by Dec. 31, 2019.

He plans to eat his 1,000th coney on Dec. 15.

"I wanted to put to rest the idea that you could die from eating coneys," Kaple said.

Kaple grew up in Norwalk, Ohio – a city between Cleveland and Toledo – but ended up graduating from Xavier University, like his dad and brother.

“Even though we didn’t live in Cincinnati, the Cincinnati heritage was ingrained in me and my family,” he said.

To complete his goal of eating 1,000 coneys, he has tried to eat at least 80 per month. In a good month, he ate 100.

"The Clifton and Oakley Skylines are my two favorites based on service," Kaple said. "Everyone is very friendly."

His usual order is 3-4 coneys without onions if he’s getting the order to go because he says the onions get weird.

Kaple has kept track of his journey on Twitter under the handle @1kconey. He posts pictures of the coneys he eats and uses the account to help him keep track of how many he's had. Even Skyline officials have followed along, sending Kaple swag occasionally for days such as, "National Coney Day."

His family and friends have all been supportive, except his girlfriend.

“I didn’t get her approval before I did it, but she’s finally coming around,” Kaple said. “As punishment, next year we are running 1,000 miles. Not my choice.”

Kaple says he has not seen a noticeable physical change, even though he doesn't exercise.

Skyline Chili isn’t the only Cincinnati Chili that Kaple loves.

"Blue Ash Chili is my favorite because of the fried jalapenos. They completely change the flavor profile of a coney," Kaple said. "Pleasant Ridge Chili has some insane menu items, and it's open until 4 a.m.

"I'll keep eating coneys after this is over. Not at the rate I have been, but maybe once or twice a week."

Kaple estimates that he's spent at least $2,300 at Skyline in the past year.

Said Kaple: “It was money well-spent.”

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