Northern Kentucky mother loses wedding rings in burglary, fears she was being watched

Northern Kentucky woman says her wedding rings were stolen during burglary

BOONE COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky family is left heartbroken after thieves ran through their home on Monday, stealing several items including wedding rings belonging to Emily Perdrix, her husband and her late mother.

“She passed away 11 years ago when I was 20. I usually wear it when I go out," Perdrix told FOX19 NOW. “Sometimes I don’t because you’re afraid that something is going to happen to it, but in reality it would have been safer on me.”

Perdrix says she’s filed a report with the Boone County Sheriff’s Office and is concerned that thieves were casing her house before taking whatever they could get their hands on.

She explains she left her home on Monday to pick up her child from school, and in the short time she was gone thieves got in and took purses, make-up, glasses and the wedding rings.

“It made me think that someone had been watching me to know my schedule, which is very scary,” Perdrix said. “Especially because they went through the whole house. There were muddy footprints by my son’s crib, which is very terrifying and violating, and I’ve been afraid to let the dog out. It’s just kind of rocked our world a little bit.”

The Northern Kentucky mother added it was easy to tell where the thieves had been in the home because they left behind muddy footprints in several rooms.

She says she normally wears her ring when she leaves the house but takes it off at home because she’s concerned about accidentally knocking a diamond loose.

Moreover Perdrix is mother to an infant and explains she got accustomed to not wearing her ring during her pregnancy because it was a tight fit.

“If you come across my rings please let me know, it means the world to me. I would do anything to get them back,” Perdrix said. “I’ve been obsessively looking and I probably will until I find them.”

The Perdrix family is asking anyone who regularly buys and sells online or deals in fine jewelry to keep an eye out for their family treasures.

If the items are located, you’re asked to contact the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

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