Roselawn woman says Christmas gifts for granddaughter were stolen from her front porch

Woman says Christmas gifts stolen from Roselawn porch

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Roselawn woman says she’s out two Christmas presents after someone stole them from her porch, and she’s hoping whoever did it gets caught.

Brenda Grissom says doesn’t mind having packages delivered to her house. She works form home; she’s typically around when most people are away from work.

But yesterday, according to Grissom, two packages were stolen from the front porch of her home on Shenandoah Avenue.

She says they were Christmas presents for her granddaughter.

“I got a notification from Apple saying they had delivered my AirPods for my granddaughter for her Christmas present,” Grissom told FOX19 NOW. “When I went to my Ring doorbell, I realized that UPS did not ring my doorbell, they just left the packages on my front porch.”

The AirPods were allegedly delivered around 5 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

Near that time, Grissom says she realized not one, but two packages were stolen from her front porch, the second reportedly containing a pair of boots.

“I see that a guy had come onto my porch and stolen the first package, and then he was bold enough to come back not even 10 minutes later, and then he rode off on a bike,” Grissom explained.

She says she was furious, simply because she never thought it was the sort of thing that would happen to her. She’s been living in her Roselawn home for 16 years, after all, and she says it hadn’t ever happened before.

“I’ve left the garage door open,” she said. “I’ve left the lawnmower out, you know?”

But now it did happen, she says—and just 12 days before Christmas.

In total, Grissom claims the man got away with more than $300 worth of gifts.

Luckily, Grissom was able to put out the Ring video of the thief on social media, where she says someone told her they’ve seen the man in the area before.

Now she says she doing everything she can to try and be sure this doesn’t happen again.

"From now on, going forward, regardless of what I order, I am going to either have it delivered to the post office or have it to where you have to sign for,” she said.

As for the gifts, Grissom explains she’s working on replacement AirPods and boots, but they’ll likely come after Christmas.

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