Warren Co. murder suspect’s account differs from detectives’, says he was ‘knocked out, abducted by unknown man’

New details in murder of Centerville teen

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A murder suspect in the shooting death of Mason Trudics last Friday told the Warren County Sheriff’s Office he had been abducted from his residence in Centerville.

Trudics, 18, and Logan Dean, 16, were found shot outside a home in Turtlecreek Township on Dec. 13 shortly after 2:45 a.m.

Trudics died from his wounds. Dean was critically injured.

The sheriff’s office says they found Dean with a bullet wound in the center of his chest, and he told them his friend was on the side of the house and ‘might be dead.’

“He said they were from Centerville and had been abducted from his residence on Social Row Road. Logan said they were knocked out and put into a car by an unknown male. He also said the male put black ski masks over their heads. The unknown male drove them to Oregonia Road and shot them,” the criminal complaint states.

On Tuesday, Warren County Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested four teenagers, including Dean, for the murder of Trudics.

The other three teens are Kayla Carmack, 17, Dakota Cox, 18, and Jacob Hicks, 16.

The sheriff’s office investigation tells a different story from Dean’s.

The sheriff’s office reportedly determined Dean, Carmack, Cox, Hicks, and Trudics had planned the robbery and kidnapping of a person, which one of them called to 1869 Oregonia Road.

When the person got the address, the sheriff’s office says he was met with ‘a baseball bat and a firearm.’

The person was also armed with a gun, and he reportedly defended himself against the attack.

Gunfire erupted, the sheriff’s office says, leaving Trudics dead.

The sheriff’s office considered the shooter a suspect at first, but they say he has not been charged with Trudics’ death.

“Detectives have worked tirelessly since the murder to unravel this incredibly complex case,” Chief Deputy Barry Riley wrote in the sheriff’s office release. “There is still a tremendous amount of evidence to process, witnesses to interview, and we will not rule out additional charges or arrests.”

Carmack and Hicks appeared in court Wednesday afternoon.

Carmack was visibly upset during her hearing. She cried and yelled at both the judge and the prosecutor. She also became physically ill.

The state asked that Carmack stay in the detention center, describing her as ‘a threat to herself and others.’

Her next court date is Jan. 13, 2020 for a probable cause/preliminary hearing.

Hicks was quiet. His attorney claimed he was not home when the shots were fired and didn’t have a gun or a weapon on him.

He is to appear in court on Jan. 17, 2020 for a probable cause/preliminary hearing.

Dean is reportedly still in the hospital and does not have a court date set.

Cox will appear in court on Thursday.

As of Tuesday, the four arrested teens were being housed in either the Warren County Jail or the Warren County Juvenile Detention Center, the sheriff’s office said.

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