Police: Be aware of ticket scammers in parking lots downtown

Parking lot scammers appear in Downtown Cincinnati

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - On Saturday, security personnel near the corner of Garfield Place and Race Street in Downtown Cincinnati alerted Cincinnati Police to someone trying to scam people at a nearby parking lot.

Someone posing as a ‘lot attendant’ was reportedly giving out fake parking slips and charging people to park on the lot, which had a pay station.

“They’ll show up with some fake tickets and they’ll pick them up off the ground and they’ll ask people for cash instead of letting them go to the cash box,” Sgt. Eric Franz told FOX19 NOW.

Police say if the lot attendant is supposed to be there, they should have no problem with you paying for your parking at the on-site pay station.

“Just be aware of where you’re going and they’re going to have credentials,” Franz said. “All these guys have name tags that say the parking system. It will match what’s on the board there.”

If you come across someone attempting to scam visitors, police say your first call should be to the lot owners.

“You’re going to want to call the people that own the parking lot, and their phone numbers are posted pretty clearly on every lot downtown,” Franz explained. “If you have problems, call them, make them aware there is someone in their lot hassling people. We can’t just stop and check everybody.”

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