Middletown mother putting up flyers for missing daughter: 'I am not going to stop until I find her’

Middletown mother says daughter has been missing for months

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - On Christmas Eve, Michelle Agee says the best present she could receive would be having her daughter home again.

But that’s exactly the problem, she doesn’t know where her daughter is—and she hasn’t for months.

Brooklyn Suzanne Short, 33, was reportedly last seen by Agee’s husband in October on Tytus Avenue in Middletown. Agee says she was wearing a backpack and had blue hair.

Agee describes Short as having a big dimple in her chin, long hair and profound cheek bones.

She also admits Short , a mother herself, has a drug problem.

“My daughter suffers from the opioid addiction that’s killing our nation,” she told FOX19 NOW. “She wanted to stay with me, and I wouldn’t let her. I tried tough love and I told her she couldn’t stay.”

That was in May. At the time, Short told her mother she was living in a tent.

Agee describes Short as a ‘social butterfly.’ She says her daughter is typically very active on social media. These days, though, there hasn’t been any activity on her social media accounts at all.

Now Agee has resorted to more analog tactics.

“I’ve walked and walked and walked, and knocked on so many doors and hung up so many flyers," Agee said. “I talked until my voice was gone. I am just now getting it back. I am making phone calls. I haven’t stopped.”

And she says she won’t stop.

"I know in my heart that if my daughter saw one of these flyers she would not hesitate to call me because she would not put me and my mom in this kind of pain,” Agee said. “She loves too much and too easy to make us hurt like we are hurting right now. There is no way that if she has seen any of this, that she would not call me.”

A missing person report has been filed with Middletown Police.

If you’ve seen Short or have any idea where she could be, contact the Middletown Police Department.

You can also reach out directly to Agee at 513.291.2087.

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