Warm and dry Saturday, warm and wet Sunday

Saturday Will be 6th Consecutive Day at 60° or Warmer

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - North of the FOX19 NOW viewing area the fog is expected to widespread with traffic-slowing thickness north of the FOX19 NOW viewng area. Early morning drive to Indianapolis, Dayton and Columbus, OH will likely be slowed by the fog. In the FOX19 NOW viewing area Fayette, Union and Franklin Counties in Indiana and the northern parts of Butler, Warren, Clinton and Highland look to be impacted. Elsewhere fog will be absent or thin enough not to impact traffic.

Saturday will be much like Friday and if my forecast verifies, it will be the 6th day in a row the high temperature reached or surpassed 60°. Since December 1870, which was the first December with official weather data in Cincinnati. There have been only three other Decembers with high temperatures that warm on six or more consecutive days. The year 1877 had a ten-day streak. In 1984 the streak lasted seven days while 1988 the streak was six days long. It is possible that 2019 will move into second place with and 8-day stretch. Today and Sunday add two to the total and because weather systems do not pay attention to the clock, Monday just after midnight before cold air arrives the temperature will be in the low 60s.

Get ready for a wet day Sunday with 1″ to 2″ of rain falling. The weather will be cooler and dry weather Monday. But late next week another soaking rain event is on the way.

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