Commissioner wants Boone County to become ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’

Boone County trying to make county 2nd Amendment sanctuary

BOONE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - Boone County Commissioner Jesse Brewer wants to make the county a so-called ‘Second Amendment sanctuary’ in order, he says, to protect gun rights for people in the area.

Brewer says there’s no “current infringements” on gun rights in the state, but he adds that could change.

“There are some legislators across the state that are trying to pass what are known as red flag laws,” he told FOX19 NOW, “and red flag laws can vary, but they do take a bite out of the Second Amendment and they do infringe upon those rights.”

Red flag laws allow police or family members to request court-ordered removal of firearms from a person they believe presents a danger to themselves or others.

It isn’t immediately clear what effect Brewer’s proposed resolution would have, but he says it would have the teeth to challenge any perceived infringement upon Second Amendment rights.

If passed, it would be the second such resolution in Kentucky. Harlan County became a ‘sanctuary’ in December.

Not everyone thinks it’s a good idea.

Boone County Attorney Robert Peace says the resolution would be a “political expression of support” for the Second Amendment.

Enforcement of the ‘sanctuary’ order, Peace adds, could fly in the face of a law passed by the Kentucky legislature in 2012 which says no local political body can be involved in the regulation of firearms.

If they do, Peace says, those bodies can be sued. And if they should lose, that body—here Boone County—would be responsible for paying court costs.

Brewer doesn’t think that will be a problem, as Republicans currently hold both chambers of the Kentucky legislature, meaning no Second Amendment infringements will be passed.

Still, he says he wants the county to send a message to state lawmakers.

“We're looking to say, 'Hey, if you try to do something, Frankfort, we're here and we're going to fight you.’”

The county commission will be voting on the resolution Jan. 14.

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