Butler County man doing whatever it takes to find kidney for his wife

Hamilton man trying to get kidney for wife

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Aaron Thorn says he would do anything for his wife of 22 years. Right now, that means wearing a sign that reads ‘Need Kidney 4 My Wife’ around the Hamilton area in the hopes of finding a perfect match.

Keli Thorn, mother of four, was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease more than 10 years ago. Doctors told her in September that she will need a kidney transplant “sooner than later.”

“We’re overly terrified," Aaron said while fighting back tears. "Just the shock of it when you find out someone you love is in bad condition... It’s overwhelming.”

Aaron also created a website, KidneyForKeli.com, to try to find a match. Among other qualifications, the donor needs to have an A+ blood type.

“We’re asking people from the Tri-State to come together and help her find a kidney,” Aaron said.

His efforts have been praised on social media, and the couple says around 100 people have called The Christ Hospital, offering to give Keli their kidney.

They’ve also been getting attention nationwide with a website attracting several thousand visitors since it was created.

“Just this last week, the overwhelming love that people from all over this country are showing to us is unbelievable,” Aaron said. “We lay in bed at night and say we are truly blessed.”

Still, despite all the offers, they still haven’t found Keli a match. But the couple is hoping all those offers won’t go unused.

“One of the greatest things about what we’re doing is not only will we be able to find Keli a kidney, we will be able to find other people in the community a kidney,” Aaron explained.

Keli has not been put on the lengthy transplant list because she still has to complete the long testing process. The couple is hoping to find that match before she goes on it.

Not only will Aaron be wearing the sign at Bridgewater Mall this weekend and next, he’s also purchased 11 yard signs.

“We will be out there until we find a kidney," he said. “When you love someone, you do what you have to do.”

If you think you could be a match for Keli head to KidneyforKeli.com or call 513-341-8385. Make sure to leave your full name and give a call back number.

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