Police praising man who alerted them to drunk driver New Year’s Eve: ‘He’s going to kill somebody’

Good Samaritan follows OVI suspect out of bar until police arrive

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The Sharonville Police Department is praising the actions of a person who on New Year’s Eve called to report a potential drunk driver.

The anonymous caller was at a bar when he reportedly saw another man drinking heavily, and the caller feared he was going to attempt to drive home.

“He won’t listen to anybody," the caller said, according to a tape of the call provided by Sharonville Police. “They’ve tried to take his keys before but he’s one of these guys that’s like ‘No, no I can do it,’ and he’s going to kill somebody.”

The caller placed three calls to Sharonville Police. The first call was to notify them he had seen the same man attempt to drive home the night before, after which he said the man came to the same bar the next day with damage on his vehicle. The caller was concerned the man would attempt to drive home again.

“The gentleman calls back again,” Sharonville Police Officer Dana Taggart explained, “and says, ‘The guy that I called you about earlier, he’s had about five more beers since I last called and he’s getting ready to leave again.’”

The caller then followed the man out of the bar and down SR-42. He gave police instructions turn-by-turn where the man was driving until officers could catch up to cite and charge the driver in question.

“We’re always out and looking for those things, but we really rely on our great community to help us keep them safe as well,” Taggart said. “And so if you do see something out of the ordinary or see somebody participating in dangerous behavior, then of course we want to know about that.”

Court records indicate 14 people in Hamilton County were arrested for an OVI charge on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

The Ohio State Highway patrol says year-to-date their troopers have charged almost 50 drivers in the Tri-State with an OVI.

Fourteen drivers in Warren County have been charged with an OVI by troopers, making it the third-worst county for OSHP OVI charges in the state.

“We just wanted to praise that particular [caller], even though they wanted to stay anonymous, we want to praise them for what they did,” Taggart said. “Taking the time to make that phone call to keep everybody else safe and hopefully encourage people to do the same.”

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