NKY man facing charges after woman fell from boat, died in May 2019

Kentucky man charged in connection to 2019 Ohio River drowning

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky man is facing three charges after a woman fell from a boat and died in May.

Whitney Crank, 31, from Erlanger fell overboard when the boat she was riding in hit the wake from another boat near the Brent Spence Bridge.

Michael Bilokonsky has now been charged with falsely reporting an incident, operating a motorboat in a reckless manner and obstructing emergency responder violations, according to court documents.

The complaint states on May 18, Bilokonsky was operating the boat near the bridge and allowed Crank to stand near the front of the boat despite the river being very busy.

She was ejected from the boat when he hit the wake and was not wearing a life jacket.

The complaint also states Bilokonsky gave false information to law enforcement and first responders about how many passengers he had on the boat.

“This misinformation and false information led officers and emergency responders to waste time looking for other victims when he knew there were only himself and Ms. Crank on the boat," reads the complaint.

Her body was found on May 20.

Alcohol may have played a part in the loss of Crank’s life, according to the complaint.

Crank’s family issued the following statement:

“The passing of time hasn’t yet begun to heal the wounds and heartache of losing Whitney and not having her amongst her family and friends for the holidays was soul crushing for everyone, especially our parents. We are still trying to cope with this unimaginable tragedy and continue to seek answers to many of the same questions that we have had for the past seven months. However, now that criminal charges appear to be moving forward we hope that the full truth will finally be revealed and justice be had, whatever that may be.”

Bilokonsky is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 6.

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