VIDEO: CPD officer finds stolen lawnmower, drives it back to owner

The lawnmower was stolen from a home on Winton Ridge Ln and returned by a CPD officer shortly after.

Cincinnati police officer finds stolen lawn mower, returns it to owner

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Spring Grove Village resident Abe Brandyberry has his lawnmower back now after it was stolen around 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Brandyberry says his wife notified him of what was going on around the time it happened.

“She took a look at the camera and saw two kids messing around with our lawnmower that was parked in the driveway," Brandyberry said.

Cincinnati Police say two juveniles are responsible. No arrests have been made.

Brandyberry says the pair went into the garage and grabbed a key from another mower they own to start the lawnmower.

Video also shows the two having some fun with the lawnmower before taking off with it on Winton Ridge Lane.

“Well I was a little upset because we had just bought the mower and don’t really have the funds to replace it," Brandyberry said.

Now they don’t have to, thanks to a Cincinnati Police officer.

Within minute, we’re told, officer Shack found it behind a dumpster on Garden View Lane. And he didn’t just find it, he drove it back!

“It was probably 10 minutes after they had left the house, and they said, ‘Hey come to this address, we think we’ve found your mower,’" Brandyberry said.

Sure enough that was it.

“They took time out to actually look for us and find it, and we are really appreciative of them willing to serve," Brandyberry said.

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