Animal rescue ‘hopeful’ after taking in 2 horses from Clermont Co. animal hoarding case

Animal rescue 'hopeful' week after animals seized in hoarding situation

BATAVIA, Ohio (FOX19) - Six horses rescued in a Clermont County animal hoarding case last week are recovering at local rescues.

Two of them are being cared for inside the barns at Fighting Chance Rescue.

“We’ve all been kicked, bit, he would swing around and kick you," said Kim Kinder, president of Fighting Chance Rescue.

It’s been a week since Kinder and her husband Joe spent their weekend rescuing animals outside a Bethel home.

Carolyn Fluhart and her husband are accused of keeping dozens of animals — some alive, some dead — in what officials say was one of the “worst” animal neglect situations they’ve seen.

It took the Kinders and dozens of volunteers a long time to catch and control the horses outside the home.

Fighting Chance Rescue took two horses in. They have space to move as they like but one won’t leave the other’s side.

“She is progressing beautifully, the other is having some problems being traumatized," Kim Kinder said.

As the Kinders work to rehabilitate the horses, they think about what could’ve been.

That’s because they say they’ve seized horses from the Fluhart home before.

“About five years ago, we took four horses from there," Joe Kinder said.

Clermont Animal Care, the group heading up these rescue efforts, was not around then. The Kinders said it was hard to keep up.

“We didn’t have the authority to do anything at the time," Joe Kinder said.

Now that something has been done, those two are doing their part to give the horses in their care a “fighting chance."

“Our hope is always to rehabilitate them and find them new homes," Kim Kinder said. "We’re hopeful for him, but he has a lot to overcome.”

Upon reaching out to the Fluharts, their daughter declined to comment.

You can donate to Fighting Chance Rescue here.

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