Police look for vandalism suspects following a rash of graffiti incidents in Addyston

Addyston Police searching for vandals

ADDYSTON, Ohio (FOX19) - Police say they are looking for two suspects they believe are responsible for several graffiti incidents in the Village of Addyston.

A trailer, a speed limit sign, a car, a wall and a garage door were apparently tagged in December. Police say the suspects also hit other city-owned buildings that have already been repainted.

The vandalism includes at least one piece of graffiti that spells out “Satan”.

Police Chief Dorian Lacourse says, due to the suspects’ ages, he doesn’t believe they worship the devil.

“I’d say young teenagers by their height,” Chief Lacourse said.

Security camera video shows two people walking through a neighborhood on the night the vandalism happened, with a second video showing them quickly leaving the scene.

Lacourse says he wants to find the vandals because, according to him, this is likely not the first time they’ve done this. He speculates they could be responsible for broken windows in businesses and other such acts of vandalism.

“I think they ought to be held responsible for what they did, or at least let their parents know, ‘Hey, do you know where your kids were at two o’clock in the morning?’” Lacourse said.

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