Treasure chests hidden in Harrison, more to be added soon!

Updated: Jan. 14, 2020 at 12:13 PM EST
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HARRISON, Ohio (FOX19) — You can treasure hunt for real gold — that you can keep — throughout Harrison.

Divrsion Arcade & Board Games said six treasure chests contain 24K pure gold bars worth about $100.

If the chests are not found in at least 60 days their value will double to $200, then $400, then $800.

The process will continue until each chest is found.

New clues for the treasure hunt will be revealed every Saturday morning. You can pick up the clues at Divrsion Arcade & Board Games at 1151 Stone Drive or get them online Monday morning.

All chests are hidden within the 45030 zip code map.

Once a chest is found you can get a key to unlock it at Divrsion Arcade & Board Games. They say the gold can be cashed in at their store or you are welcome to keep it.

They have put together a Facebook page to keep track of when a chest is found and share updates with the treasure hunters.

Divrsion Arcade & Board Games shared a few helpful guidelines:

  • Digging, climbing, or traveling in an unsafe area is not encouraged or required for the treasure hunt.
  • Please do not damage, deface, or destroy public or private property, especially archaeological or historical sites, when searching.
  • Do not harm plant or animal life when searching.
  • Please do not explore restricted, prohibited, or otherwise dangerous locations.
  • Please remember the treasure isn't placed far off the beaten path, exploration far off any designated path is not required.
  • All laws and land management policies apply.
  • A treasure chest will not be hidden at any cemeteries.

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