Hundreds gather in downtown Cincinnati for MLK March

Hundreds gather to honor Dr. Martin Luther King

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Hundreds gathered in downtown Cincinnati Monday to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Martin Luther King Day March kicked off at the Freedom Center and proceeded to Fountain Square.

Those marching included people of various faiths, races, and backgrounds united by the common goal of furthering King’s dream of equality.

“You understand the importance of this day,” Courtis Fuller said speaking to the gathered crowd. “This is not a day off, this is a day on. It’s a day to commemorate him.”

“We are here to honor MLK Jr and show the grandchildren what it means to honor his legacy,” Linn Crossty-Cody added.

“I think he has an incredible legacy,” Valley Temple Rabbi Sandford Kopnick said, “of love, and kindness, and friendship and a common cause of justice.”

Organizers of the march say the day furnishes an occasion for everyone in the community to look within themselves.

“It’s also a reminder to all of us that we have work to do in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and our churches,” Fuller said. “And we are still wrestling with some of the issues, many of the issues that Dr. King talked about at the march on Washington.”

That work, according to many at the march, begins with coming together to celebrate King’s dream through service.

“We are here gathered as one,” another speaker explained. “We are ready, we are willing. Empower us to go forth in unison, behind those as Dr. MLK Jr., who have plowed before us, to continue to plant seeds of love, peace, and harmony.”

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