Mt. Adams resident ‘conned’ by woman who said she was UC student raising money for trip

Updated: Jan. 22, 2020 at 10:38 PM EST
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CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A woman is reportedly going around Mt. Adams saying she’s a UC student and asking for donations.

The problem? She might not be a UC student after all.

It happened around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday in Mt. Adams, that a woman came knocking on the victim’s door.

“And I went to the door, and I opened it up,” said the victim, who preferred to remain anonymous.

The woman at the door claimed to be a University of Cincinnati International Studies student collecting money for a trip to Spain.

The interaction was caught on the victim’s doorway camera.

“Hi,” the woman says, “I’m your new neighbor. I’m Melissa. My parents live on Ida, and I have a fundraiser…”

The victim says she seemed believable.

“Sadly, stupidly, I let her in the house,” the victim recalled. “And I went and got my checkbook.”

The woman, according to the victim, had a card with specified levels of giving. She told the victim she needed just a little more to get to a higher level.

Thinking she was doing something good for the woman, the victim handed over a check.

Later, though, she says she noticed others in the Mt. Adams neighborhood who said they’d had encounters with the same woman. So the victim called UC.

FOX19 NOW called as well, and they gave the following statement:

“Our International Office never advises students to go door to door to collect in this way.”

“Yeah,” the victim concluded, “she conned me. She is pretty good.”

If the story sounds familiar, it might be because a woman did something similar around two years ago in Pleasant Ridge, posing as a UC student collecting money for an overseas trip.

Back-to-back images of two supposed con-jobs, the first in Pleasant Ridge (right) the second in...
Back-to-back images of two supposed con-jobs, the first in Pleasant Ridge (right) the second in Mt. Adams (left).(Provided)

Now the victim says she wants to get the message out about this woman who might not be who she seems.

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