Mason woman’s quick thinking scares intruder from house

Mason woman yells at suspected intruder, scares him off

MASON, Ohio (FOX19) - A Mason woman who was putting her child to bed was shocked and scared to hear an intruder on the first floor of her home.

The incident occurred on Tuesday around 9 p.m. at the couple’s home along Tyler Court. Both husband and wife wished to remain anonymous.

“I was out at the grocery store,” the husband said. “My wife, she was home and thought she heard footsteps downstairs.”

He said his wife didn’t know what was going on as she put their child to bed.

She even sent him a text message that read, “Did you shut the garage? I think someone is down”

He says she was terrified that an intruder might have been in their home. But she let the supposed intruder know that she wasn’t going down without a fight.

“She said ‘I got a f**king gun!’" he said.

Shortly afterward, her husband says the intruder left.

He says he’s proud of his wife.

“Very quick thinking on her part, to let them know she had that, and that she was willing to use it,” he said.

The couple quickly learned they were the only victims of an intruder.

“We found out that one of (our neighbors) had their window broken a few nights earlier,” the husband explained.

According to the police report, the couple say the intruder could have been watching when they were leaving the house. The neighbors apparently back that up. According to them, says the husband, their break-in occurred as they were out to dinner.

Now the couple is doubly spooked, wondering if they’re being watched.

“It’s very possible, yes,” the husband says. “So like I said, I had gone to the grocery. They could have seen my car leave, though there was nobody in the house.”

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