Big changes coming for TANK bus riders in NKY

Possible TANK bus route changes ahead

COVINGTON (FOX19) - Big changes are coming for riders who rely on the TANK bus service in Northern Kentucky.

The Transit Authority announced they are preparing to eliminate several routes due to low ridership.

Marcia Johnson said she relies on the bus to get to and from work each day.

Now she is learning that her route, is one of 11 that could be on the chopping block.

“It’s just very upsetting. Very upsetting,” she said.

Johnson takes route 8, which makes a loop through Covington and into Latonia.

According to TANK, that route could be consolidated to Madison Avenue.

Johnson said the changes would force her and others to walk further to catch the bus and it would add time to the bus ride.

“Having to go all the way downtown to Cincinnati having to catch the bus that’s like doubling my time to get to work," she said.

The changes also are a safety concern, she added.

“In the winter time, you get bad weather. You have strange folks walking in the street. That’s a longer walk. You have concerns about the elderly and the handicap.”

TANK’s general manager, Andrew Aiello, said they are redesigning the routes because of a drop in ridership in the past five years.

He also said they want to improve service along the more populated stops, which would improve travel time and access to jobs.

The redesign would schedule buses around shift changes in industrial parks and job centers to make sure people won’t have to wait after they get off work to catch a bus, he said.

Johnson argues that a lot of people depend on Route 8.

“Both of my routes coming and going are very full, so I don’t know why that would say that. To me it seems like the people who are making the decisions don’t ride the bus.”

The other local routes that could be changed or be eliminated include, #1, #7 #9 #11 #12 and #33 along with Express Routes 1X, 18X , 28X, 31x and 35X,

There are different reasons for changing each route including duplication of service, low ridership, or it doesn’t serve transit-dependent areas, according to TANK’s website.

“I just feel like TANK has forgotten our side of the city. The east side and the lower east side,” Johnson said.

TANK is allowing residents to weigh in on their concerns.

They will accept public comments through Friday and then they will finalize a plan.

The changes will not take effect until November.

You can email your feedback to TANK at

Or, call 859-814-2148.

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