Small Tri-state town in the running to get HGTV makeover

Town of Moores Hill enters HGTV contest

DEARBORN COUNTY, Ind. (FOX19) - A small town in the greater Cincinnati area that’s fallen on hard times is asking HGTV for a face-lift.

People who live in Moores Hill, Indiana lovingly describe the community as small and tightly knit. It’s the sort of place, they say, where everyone looks after each other’s kids.

But the community has taken a hit in the last few years with some businesses closing and others moving away.

“We have nothing in town anymore,” Lynn Allen said. “We have one little gas station, the post office, and a liquor store.”

Dee Russell is a member of the town’s governing board.

“I’ve noticed we don’t have the clientele in town like we used to,” Russell said.

To get the town back on its feet again, residents decided to enter HGTV’s Home Town Takeover contest.

The contest has three requirements for entries: A population less than 40,000; homes with great architecture longing to be revealed, and a Main Street that needs a facelift.

If chosen, the hosts of HGTV’s Home Town show will give Moores Hill the jolt it needs.

The townspeople are excited about the possibility.

“I would like to see Main Street spruced up,” Tammy Wisemann said. “I think it needs some tender loving care.”

“We’re all a family here,” Russell added, “and we all want to come together as a family.”

Last day for contest submissions is Feb. 4. The people of Moores Hill will hopefully find out if they are chosen in the next couple months.

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