Test results negative for Miami University students suspected of having coronavirus

Coronavirus test results returned negative for Miami students

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - State and local health officials have announced two Miami University students tested negative for coronavirus.

The students had recently traveled to China and presented last week with symptoms considered similar enough to those produced by the virus to isolate them and order the tests.

With the negative results, Dr. Amy Acton, Director of the Ohio Department of Health, declared the state free of both confirmed cases of coronavirus and also cases under investigation.

Acton said scientific understanding of the virus is “evolving" and that the public can expect regular updates.

“While we are pleased to announce these results are negative, we continue to remain vigilant,” Acton explained in a release issued after the press conference. "We are working closely with our local health departments and health care providers and will keep you apprised of this ever-changing situation.

“It’s also important to remember,” Acton continued, “that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the risk of the general U.S. population contracting the naval coronavirus is low.”

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An international student who lives off-campus went to Student Health Services with flu-like symptoms Monday morning.

Butler County Health Commissioner Jenny Bailer said at the time the students weren’t sick enough to be hospitalized but had questionable symptoms and travel locations.

Sunday night, officials said the students were “delighted” and “thrilled” with the results of their tests.

Bailer commended the students for their “prompt action” in reporting their symptoms to student health services.

“They did everything right to allow rapid response to contain whatever was making them ill," Bailer said.

She called the students responsible, conscientious, mature and said they were cooperative with every step of the investigation.

Both Bailer and Acton described a system put in place at the state, county and university level before the students reported any symptoms that allowed for their quick isolation and testing.

Now, Bailer says, the students are doing “very well.”

They are no longer under isolation, having been released on Sunday, and have been cleared to conduct all their normal activities.

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