NKY town on alert for man allegedly offering teen boys money for sex

Man accused of propositioning boys in Falmouth, KY Park

PENDLETON COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - Falmouth police are on high alert after reports surfaced of a man approaching teenage boys offering money for sex.

The reports indicate the man has been hanging around a local skate park that’s popular with kids in town.

Wesley Cain is one of the boys the man allegedly approached. He says he was riding his bike at the skate park about two weeks ago when he noticed a man who appeared to be watching him from his car— reportedly a newer Honda with Ohio plates.

Man accused of propositioning teen boys in Falmouth, Ky.

“I wondered why that guy was just sitting there,” Cain said. “He had tinted windows. I didn’t think anything about it really because there’s a basketball court there, so I thought someone was playing, and he sat there for a while, and I kept riding, and then I noticed the car started to pull closer.”

Cain says the man drove past the parking blocks and into the skate park area, cornering him with his car.

“I just immediately got a weird feeling,” Cain remembered. “He asked if I knew where the nearest police station was.”

The man, Cain says, told him he wanted to report a pervert.

“He said, ‘Do you have much of that going on around here?’ I was like, ‘What do you mean?’” Cain explained. “I was confused, and he goes like, ‘Perverts.’ And he’s still in that creepy undertone of voice. I mean it was very eerie.”

Cain says the man then offered him $100 to have sex with him. And when Cain said no, he explains the man kept increasing the price up to $400.

“Eventually,” Cain said, “it got to the point where I’m like, ‘No thank you. I’m good. No, no, no.’”

Afterward, Cain says the man drove off.

Falmouth police say there have been several reports of similar incidents and they are investigating all the allegations.

Cain describes the man as “older” with a double chin and lots of freckles. It’s a description, police say, that matches a man who was trying to lure boys into his car in Florence, Kentucky last summer.

Now Cain and others are worried that man might become bolder in his next approach.

“It can be traumatic in a way because you worry,” Cain said. “It even makes me not want to go there anymore.”

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