Downtown businesses worried about impact of Macy’s headquarters closure

Macy's headquarters closure could impact surrounding businesses

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Some downtown businesses are growing concerned over the impact of the closure of Macy’s headquarters downtown.

Haleme Mallat owns Total Juice Plus, a fast-casual restaurant with a focus on healthy dishes located street level in the Macy’s building since 1997.

Macy’s employees, Mallat says, have been a vital part of her business’s success.

“They made our business,” she said. “They contributed like 100 percent in the beginning.”

The business has grown over the years, and Mallat says it’s no longer as dependent upon Macy’s employees as it once was, but there’s still a special relationship there.

“We became like a big family actually,” Mallat explained. “We know them by name. They come in every day.”

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FOX19 NOW reached out to Skyline which has a store in the building as well. Director of Marketing Sarah Sicking issued the following statement:

“We hate to hear that people are losing their jobs. We sincerely hope that everyone can find employment quickly. Skyline has been serving the downtown community for 50 years, and we all know in recent years downtown has experienced an amazing renaissance. We are confident that Cincinnati’s vibrant business and growing residential community will continue to support restaurants in the area.”

Kidd Coffee Company is another business that could feel the hit of Macy’s closure.

Its proprietors told said around 250 Macy’s employees get coffee at Kidd Coffee every day.

They’re remaining positive though, saying other development in the area, including several new boutique hotels, will pick up the slack of the customers they could be losing.

As for what will happen to the Macy’s building now, according to Craig Roberts, president of Capital Real Estate Partners, the building is not yet up for sale.

If it does go up for sale, a large national commercial real estate agent will likely handle it.

Mallat says she would like to see the future owner help replace any business lost by the closure.

“We’re hoping that some other company comes to town and makes Cincinnati their home,” she said.

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