Former NKY police officer, assistant police chief accused of stalking

Former police officer arrested in Falmouth

FALMOUTH, Ky. (FOX19) - A former police officer and assistant police chief has been charged with stalking and loitering for prostitution.

James Bussman, 55, was arrested at his home in Elsmere Thursday night.

Bussman was first arrested in September 2019 for stalking in Boone County. He was reportedly approaching teen boys outside a high school and in a Florence park.

One of Bussman’s alleged victims said that he laid cash out on the dashboard of his car and offered money for sex.

“I walk over to the water fountain over there to get me a drink and he gets out of his car. He looks at me and he goes $200 bucks. I was like for what. He said ‘what you don’t believe me you can get in my car and I can show you the proof,’” said Jadyn McPerson in May 2019.

According to the criminal complaint filed in the Boone County Court, Bussman’s attempt to lure teens to his car carried on for four months.

He was eventually arrested and charged with stalking after approaching the same Florence teen multiple times including showing up to his job.

Another teen in Falmouth says he was approached by Bussman in a popular skate park last month. Also in November, a month after Bussman bonded out of jail, a different teen said he was approached by the former cop asking if the teen was looking for work.

Falmouth police say that they received multiple reports of Bussman approaching teens and that they are investigating.

FOX19 NOW contacted the police department on Friday after Bussman’s arrest and we were told that the chief was not available for comment.

Bussman was a police officer for Fort Mitchell for 23 years and retired as a captain. He was then hired as the assistant police chief for the city of Falmouth in May 2015 and resigned in April 2016.

One of teens who says he was approached by Bussman twice says it’s disturbing that a former officer sworn to uphold the law is now accused of breaking it.

Bussman is being held of a $2,000 bond in Pendleton County. A court date hasn’t been set.

He is due back in court in March on a previous charge in Boone County.

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