Middletown woman was shot, had drugs in her system, preliminary autopsy report says

New details emerge in Amy Risner murder case

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A Middletown woman who died Tuesday was shot once in the back of her neck, according to preliminary autopsy results.

Amy Risner’s body was found inside the bedroom of a home in the 100 block of Anne Road in Monroe, a coroner’s report shows.

The 32-year-old woman had several drugs in her system, according to toxicology results. Drugs and drug paraphernalia were also found inside the home.

Jordan Lay, 22, of Mason and Nicholas Mattox, 23, of Trenton were arrested in connection with Risner’s death on Wednesday.

Lay faces an aggravated murder charge. Mattox is charged with premeditated aggravated murder.

Lay confessed to killing Risner on or about Monday, Monroe police wrote in a criminal complaint.

Both men are being held in the Butler County Jail on $1 million bond each.

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Risner’s family remembers her as a fun-loving, spunky, kind-hearted woman who loved her children and family very much.

She was a mother of three boys.

Despite the circumstances surrounding Risner’s death, her family says they are focusing on more positive memories they have of Amy.

The two men accused of killing Risner will be back in court next Wednesday

Here is the entire statement from Amy Risner’s family:

"As we learn more details on Amy’s murder, our hearts break a bit more with each detail. We have been officially informed that Amy was shot in the back. While the death of a loved one is never easy, the violence of her death makes it even harder to deal with and try to comprehend.

We hope that Amy will be remembered as a fun-loving, spunky, kind-hearted woman that loved her children and family very much. We are grateful for the outreach of extended family, friends, and strangers. In the coming days, we will spend time with our loved ones, focusing on more positive days and the memories we have.

Continued prayers and positive thoughts are welcomed and appreciated for all of us involved; no families should have to endure the pain of such a heartbreaking and senseless situation."

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