North College Hill basketball player inspires the community

North College Hill basketball player inspiring an entire community

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Reggie Martin is inspiring a community not just because of what he does on the basketball court but for what he’s doing off the court as well.

The 17-year-old is always on time, a straight-A student and a routine hard worker who gets up extra shots in the gym.

Reggie also has a disability, but that’s not his story. His story is about his winning routine.

“That helps Reggie off the court. So he’s not so focused on scoring. It’s a hobby,” North College Hill Head Coach Shannon Minor said.

He practices until a routine shot is perfect - the same motion every time.

“Reggie doesn’t have a lot of ability, but he does have heart. I think if a lot of our players watched and learned from Reggie, they’d be better on the court and off the court,” Coach Minor said.

What makes Reggie different is that he truly believes practice makes perfect.

It paid off in a recent game when he buried two big shots for North College Hill.

“I was joyful because my three-pointer was a better shot than I thought,” Reggie said.

The most incredible thing about Reggie isn’t just the work he puts in to overcome what some see as struggles, it’s the joy he brings his team and his coach.

“Like I always say, I’ve learned more from Reggie than he’s learned from me. He’s Reggie and the way he is... is special,” Coach Minor said.

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