Luke Fickell staying at UC, speaks to fan reactions: ‘I hope they’re mad’

Fickell staying at UC

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Luke Fickell is staying in Cincinnati.

The head football coach at UC indicated in a tweet Monday he will not be leaving for Michigan State.

The news silences speculation that Fickell would be MSU’s next head football coach, which arose after MSU Athletic Director Bill Beekman traveled to Cincinnati over the weekend.

“The bottom line is, first and foremost, family,” Fickell told UC play-by-play announcer Dan Hoard. “Obviously, my family loves it here.

“All in all, we have to take a step back and make a selfish decision,” Fickell continued. “That’s what I’ll end up telling the guys, is, ‘I apologize, I have to make a selfish decision, but this selfish decision was what was right for my family, and that is to be here, to be with you guys and continue to do what we’ve done.'”

Fickell has secured his fourth recruiting class at UC, considered the best two decades. Some 20 recruits have signed with UC, four of them from the Cincinnati area and 11 from Ohio.

The class is ranked 40th in the nation, best in the Group of Five and ahead of Power Five programs like NC State, Louisville, Missouri and Michigan State.

“To have this class coming in, that’s very, very special,” Fickell said.

Asked for his measure of the excitement of Bearcat fans after he announced he was staying, Fickell pivoted, saying he hopes the fans are both excited and mad for his having put them through this process.

“Well, that means they care. That means they’re watching. That means they care,” Fickell said. “That means, if anything, were going to make this better for the guys on our team, our program and everything for the future.”

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