Serial rapist indicted on multiple charges is ‘beyond horrible,’ prosecutor says

DNA match leads to cold-case arrest of serial rapist

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters announced the indictment of a serial rapist Tuesday afternoon.

William Blankenship, 55, was indicted on three counts of burglary, four counts of rape, two counts of kidnapping and two counts of gross sexual imposition.

He’s accused of breaking into three homes in the Mt. Washington/Anderson Township area from 1999-2001 and raping three separate victims.

“He is a pig. He’s raping little girls... two of them are 10 and 14. The trauma they’ve endured is beyond imagination,” Deters said.

DNA testing what led to the indictment, Deters says, with prosecutors leveraging databases created by genealogy companies.

“When the good guys partner old-fashioned police work and innovative technology, the bad guys can’t escape justice -- nice win!” Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said. “Hats off to Joe Deters for pushing the frontiers of justice outward.”

Serial rapist indicted on multiple charges, Deters says

Deters said the first incident happened on July 25, 199. An adult female victim was attacked in her residence in a multi-family apartment building.

The second incident happened on Aug. 14, 2001. According to Deters, Blankenship took a young female victim out of a pop-up trailer where she was sleeping with friends. He carried her into an open field close to her home where he attacked her, he said.

The third incident happened on Oct. 10, 2001. Deters said Blankenship attacked a female victim in her bedroom.

Blankenship could spend the rest of his life in jail if convicted on all charges, according to Deters.

Deters says he is currently in the Campbell County Jail and is fighting extradition.

He adds the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office is working with NKY prosecutors to continue to build their case.

“I don’t believe he just stopped doing it when he did it," Deters said. “We’ve asked that they examine cold-case rape kits to see if there’s any further matches on this guy.”

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