Tri-State couple thwarts break-in at neighbor’s home using security cam

Couple helps foil break-in of neighbor's house in real time using security cam

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Westwood couple’s security system alerted them to something suspicious happening at their neighbor’s house on Sunday afternoon, and the pair say they helped police stop the suspects in real time.

While Shannon and Brandon Courtey were out, they say their security camera system was keeping an eye on their home. Then the motion-activated sensors alerted them to some unusual activity.

They saw several people they did not recognize on the live video stream walking around their home and their neighbor’s home.

“You could tell they were up to no good," Shannon said. "They were doing something they shouldn’t have been doing.”

As the minutes went by, the couple said the group’s behavior became increasingly suspicious. They appeared to be slamming or breaking items and going in and out of a neighbor’s back door, Shannon says.

Brandon explains he could not only see the people on camera, he could also hear them as they seemingly plotted out their plans to break into the house.

The couple sounded their house alarm, which they say sent one of the suspects running.

“The kids had a box coming out of the house, and that was the point where I decided, ‘Hey, let’s call the cops,’" Brandon said.

When Cincinnati police officers got there, Brandon says half of the burglary suspects were gone, but police were able to take two of them into custody.

The couple says their neighbor was not home when her house was broken into, but her son was inside. They are both okay.

“She’s an elderly woman, and if she were to come into her home while it was actively being burglarized, I’m not sure how that situation would’ve came about," Shannon said.

The accused burglars, the Courteys say, all appeared young, so they are hoping they will learn their lesson and not allow history to repeat itself.

“It was pretty bold, I mean also being in the middle of the day on a Sunday,” Shannon said. "That was really scary.”

Brandon and Shannon are now advising anyone in any neighborhood to be safe and not sorry if something seems off.

“If there’s anything weird, definitely make the call,” Brandon said.

The victim was not available for comment.

Cincinnati police have not released additional information on the suspects.

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