Orion’s ‘First Rider’ event reaches 1,000 donations

Orion’s ‘First Rider’ event reaches 1,000 donations
Bird's eye view of Orion

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Launched by Kings Island less than three weeks ago, the Orion First Rider Auction is seeing big numbers.

Kings Island said they have seen 700 fundraisers, more than 1,000 donations and over $80,000 raised for people to get the chance to take the first ride on their tallest, fastest and longest steel coaster.

Anyone who raises $150 or more will be among the first to ride Orion at a special event on April 9.

All proceeds will benefit local charity, A Kid Again.

When it opens, Orion will become the seventh giga coaster on the planet.

A similar event occurred for Mystic Timbers, where only $60,000 was raised.

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