Attorney: Officer who stopped CPD captain accused of drunk driving was ‘trolling for a DUI stop’

Attorney for CPD captain charged with OVI says 'bad stop'

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The attorney for Cincinnati Police Department Captain Amanda Caton, who was charged with an OVI Monday, says she’s not guilty.

Dashcam video released Tuesday shows Caton and her husband being pulled over by Loveland police shortly before 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

The officer who stopped them reported Caton, who was driving, crossed the center line. He followed the car for a few minutes before pulling them over.

WATCH | Loveland police release video of CPD captain’s OVI arrest

Caton’s lawyer, Steven Adams, says this was a “bad stop and a bad arrest.”

“She’s presumed innocent. She is innocent,” Adams said. “The state has the exclusive burden of proof to prove her guilt. I don’t believe they’re gonna do it because, frankly, when you look at that evidence, it’s weak.”

Among that “weak” evidence, apparently, is the officer who stopped Caton, who Adams says was “trolling for a DUI stop.”

Adams also says the officer jumped to conclusions by describing Caton’s speech as “slurred," her eyes as “bloodshot,” and her breath as smelling strongly of alcohol, as he did in his incident report.

“Watch the video closely,” Adams said. “Listen to it. When I listen to the video, he’s stuttering and slurring much more than she ever did.”

As for the comment made by Caton—"Does it help that I’m a police officer?"—Adams says it wasn’t Caton trying to get out of a ticket.

Adams also says his client never admitted to having any drinks that night.

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